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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 16, 2010 12:35am-1:10am PST

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up to you. [ green giant ] ho ho ho ♪ green giant. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. verything to tell me about the people who were giving the care. why did they take off? >> nursing home patients left behind as san bruno burned, the father and son who risked everything to save them. popular bay area walking trails now off limits to dogs. the predator going after family pets. our reporter came face to face with him tonight. is your smart phone becoming a little too smart? appl to change the way o this is all really sensitive information, the things you say on the phone, your face, your heartbeat. >> is your smartphone becoming a little too smart? apple trying to change the way our phones look back at us. we've all seen the videos: i'm dana king. >> good evening. i'm ken bastida. first we've all seen the
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videos, people using cell phones to record police officers, usually doing something that makes the cops look pretty bad. well, now some officers in the bay area have started wearing their own cameras to record your every move. robert lyles shows us how to spot them. >> reporter: suited up to patrol the streets of oakland once meant a badge and a gun. now officers say it means a recording device as well. >> just for that, so i can record myself when i stop people. >> reporter: motor officer jason scott has been paranoid complaints and lawsuits alleging officer misconduct have increased exponentially in the past decade. usually rooted in a battle of he said she said. >> stop this gentleman for having no plates on his vehicle. >> reporter: but that's about to change. >> this is the new age of policing. >> reporter: you might call it policing 2.0. 15 oakland officers are now wearing on their chests the portable recording high country system. the size of a pager, the camera
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records video and audio that's then electronically sent to superiors at the end of each shift. >> it's been excellent. i'm able to record everything, you know. i'm able to download it. it's there. we have a record of it so i can go onto the computer and log on, it's like you have a folder with all your contacts. >> reporter: the camera stems from the rider scandal nine years ago over excessive force but critics aren't sold saying officers decide when to turn the camera on and off. >> we'll have to train our officers so they turn it on on every car stop, contact or when they do building searches or any high risk situation. >> reporter: if approved by city council next week, the $900 cameras will be issued to all 350 patrol officers by christmas. and it's the officers who encourage big brother to ride along with them. robert lyles, cbs5. six nights after the
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pipeline explosion the blast zone is still cordoned off as a crime scene. police gave residents two hours to search through the ruins of their homes to look for any mementos. meantime the city of san bruno now estimates that the damage to homes, property and infrastructure to be $38 million. explosion. bob patrini and his today we learned of a remarkable act of heroism moments after the explosion. bob petrini and his 25-year-old son bobby ran into a converted nursing home in that burning neighborhood and were shocked to find several wheelchair bound women in their 60s, 70s and 80s who had been left behind by two female caregivers who ran off when they saw the fire. ng off of her and said c'mon sweetheart, we gotta go, we gotta g want to say abo >> bobby went to the left and i saw a lady there, an elderly lady in a reclining chair with oxygen on and had stereo headphones on with her back to the window. she had no idea what was going on. so i took everything off her
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and i said come on, sweetheart, we've got to go. >> what do you say about this? >> i just want to thank the people that saved all the people this there, that's all. thank you. >> reporter: tell me about the people who were giving the care. why did they take off? can you tell us about that? can you just explain what kind of caregivers they are? >> the two men drove the women to the hospital in their own car. none of them were seriously injured. today for the first time the governor got a firsthand look at the neighborhood. he was in asia on a trade mission when the pipeline blew. the governor sent a letter to president obama today asking for a federal major disaster declaration and he says the president promises to help. campaign -- more than any other gubernatorial candidate meg whitman just smashed a record. so far she has put $119 million into her own campaign. that's more than any other candidate in u.s. history and tonight whitman is fighting back against a new attack ad.
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her lawyers even warn tv stations not to run it. don knapp on the one word that the campaign is taking issue with. >> they're crippling. >> reporter: this is the political ad that led to threats of a lawsuit. >> whitman said we should cut another $7 billion from our schools, teacher layoffs, 100,000 more, 33% larger class sizes and even more cuts to arts and music programs. >> reporter: whitman's attorney calls the spot a lie. the spot was done by the california teachers association, the teachers union. the attorney fired off a letter to television station managers telling them they can be held liable for slanderous statements if they run the ad. most television stations including cbs5 stopped running the ad. >> speaking of negative ads, the california teachers soccer put up an ad that was blatantly false. >> reporter: whitman reacted to the ad in san francisco during an appearance at yelp. >> they said i wanted to cut
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the education budget by $7 million lay off 100,000 teachers. i never said anything like that. my third priority is education. >> reporter: what does cta say? >> have meg tell us where she's going to it's go the money from. >> reporter: the ad says meg says she's going to take $7 billion from education and she doesn't say that. >> that's what her plan says. >> reporter: her plan doesn't say that according to the attorneys. >> you can talk to the attorneys about it. i'm just telling you the real question is where is the money coming from? >> reporter: now the cta modified its ad and is sending the new version to the television stations. now instead of saying whitman would cut $7 billion from education, the ad says she plans to cut 7 billion from education. the cta expects to have the modified attack ads back on the air tomorrow and said the original ad can still be viewed on the california teachers association website and if you notice the fine print, it says
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assumes proportional budget cuts. >> oh, okay. >> i'm sure the attorneys put that in. >> if you can read that, you're superman. >> the assumption is half the budget is education, so if you take 15 billion, half will be from education. >> the tricks are just starting, aren't they? don, thanks. don't bother taking your dog out for a walk in one part of the bay area for the foreseeable future that's because dogs have -- future. that's because dogs have been banned on trails in palo alto and it's for their own good. >> reporter: out here on the outskirts of palo alto you are not alone. >> we're in bear habitat and we're visitors here. >> reporter: this coyote we caught on tape in the preserve could very well be the same one park rangers say has been acting aggressively lately. since the beginning of the month several owners reported a coyote has been barking, howling and nipping at their dogs. signs have been posted banning
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dogs on five separate trails. the highlighted area shows the banned trails along the western edge of the preserve. >> then it started coming towards me. >> reporter: coyotes normally avoid humans, but a few weeks ago tim olivier said a coyote came right at him. he did exactly what rangers want you to do, fight back. >> something like that. >> reporter: tim made lots of noise, used his bike to look big and scared off the animal. apparently the coyote doing what comes naturally. rangers say this coyote is an adult, not sure if it's male or female and it's acting this way because it's probably protecting a den with some pups. allison nicholas sees coyotes nearly every time she hikes and has no problem leaving her dog at home. >> i like them and they have a right to be here and they should be left alone when they need their privacy, especially when they raise their young ones. >> reporter: this is the second dog ban this year, no word on when it will be lifted there.
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have been no outright attacks. so for now rangers plan to just leave the chaos alone. kiet do, cbs5. some headlines from around the bay area tonight. activists set sail from sausalito at sunset to raise money for a flotilla of aid they're planning to take to gaza in november. gaza's 1 1/2 million residents have been under an israeli blocked a for three years since hamas took power. nine people were killed when israel raided a flotilla back in may. sea otter deaths from shark bites are on the rise. scientists checked 19 dead or injured otters last month and seven this month. experts believe cooler than average ocean temperatures create ideal conditions for white sharks. in menlo park smokers will soon have fewer places to light up. city council approved a smoking ban in common areas of apartments and condo buildings. it also makes it illegal to smoke in parks and picnic areas
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plus athletic fields and transit stops. the council needs to vote on the law once more. since it's on the books violators could be fined 100 bucks. well, you can get drunk, but don't get stoned. the unlikely new opponent in the effort to legalize marijuana in california. plus your voice, your face, your heartbeat, this could be the key to unlocking your next iphone. >> this is all really sensitive information, the things you say on the phone. on the phone. >> i spy coming up in minutes. 3q lysol believes that kids shouldn't miss school days during cold and flu season. that's why we started a mission for health. by going beyond clean surfaces to healthy surfaces. by making a healthy way to wash hands. and even by working with a pediatrician to develop lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools. when you use lysol, you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit
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getting fired up. the fairly mellow campaign against proposition 19, the measure to make pot legal, is getting all fired up. the california beer and beverage association has contributed $10,000 to the no on 19 campaign. the spokesperson says that he believes the donation stems from concerns over public safety. anymore than they want them drinking beer while they're driving." there's no comment so far from the prop 19 campaign. but some >> we have hundreds and hundreds of trucks running up and down the state. i don't think they want their drivers under the influence of that marijuana any more than they want them drinking beer while they're driving. >> no comment so far from the prop 19 campaign, but some speculate the beer industry may not be concerned about safety but rather consumers choosing marijuana over beer. your cell phone could soon be checking your heart rate.
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no, it's not an app for healthy living. it's to thwart would be thieves. julie watts shows us the technology may work a little too well. >> reporter: from music to apps apple has changed the way we look at phones and now apple could be changing the way our phones look back at us. it may sound like sci-fi, but they filed a new biometro security patent. >> it's a fascinating way to figure out if the person who owns the phone has the phone. you would register a phone print, fingerprint scan and a signal of your heartbeat. that is your ownership profile. now if someone else has it, that's a way to lock them out. >> once your stolen phone is locked apple can then record the thief's biometric data including their heartbeat, face, voice, even conversations they're having with people around them and, of course, apple can pinpoint your phone's location. hi-tech security, sure, but critics point out whatever
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appear county do to a would be thief they can -- can -- apple can do to a would be thief they can also do to you. >> this is all very sensitive information, the things you say on the phone, your face and heartbeat. >> reporter: the electronic frontier foundation opposes the new spay wear which they say could turn your phone into a virtual surveillance system. >> if apple collects this information it's absolutely vulnerable to a subpoena from any kind of court battle, custody battle, divorce case. >> reporter: but not everyone is worried about privacy. some who have suffered through a stolen phone are willing to trade a little privacy for more security. >> i recently lost my iphone. i think that's great. it's pretty amazing how much we've progressed technology notice logically. >> reporter: cnet's brian cooley points out when it comes to technology, privacy as we know it may soon be a thing of the past. >> you've got to realize that privacy in the future is a relative term. how the biometric data would be >> reporter: apple has not responded to our request for comment, so it's not exactly
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clear how the biometric data would be collected or stored and it's important to note just because they applied for the patent doesn't mean they're actually going to make the phone. it just gives you an idea of the kind of technology that we're all in for. >> they have the technology. we see it. >> they do have the technology. >> i'm going to throw everything away but my toaster, that's it. no way to track me. >> before long that toaster may be able to track you, too. >> thanks. we've been spying some rain or at least roberta has. >> we're tracking a very frustrating system that's to bring rain to the bay area. we'll pinpoint that day, but first let's look out towards the de young museum and the city of san francisco under overcast skies. that's how we'll kick start your morning commute for thursday with low clouds and patchy fogs from the seashores to the bay all the way into our inland areas. now your pinpoint forecast, here comes the leading edge of
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the low clouds and fog all the way into the ultimate path swinging around the allum rock area into willow glen. looks like the clouds will retreat throughout the lunch hour and then we'll see partial coastal clearing. one more day of seasonal temps until this very impressive area of low pressure plows into the northern half of the state. problem is with it there's so much dry air mass in place the rain will have a hard time punching through that dry air and actually having those raindrops spill on the ground. so until then one more day of temperatures, still below average, but not that bad, anywhere between 3 and 5 degrees below its mark. in fact, we'll pinpoint your neighborhood beginning with the coast, peninsula at 77 in redwood city to san jose at 78, 81 in lois gatos and 76 in milpitas through union city, low 70s in alameda to the mid- 80s due east in brentwood,
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tracy, oakley, discovery bay, partial clearing at stinson beach from 60 to 83 degrees in so he nomism here's your cbs5 five-day forecast. -- sonoma. here's your cbs5 five-day forecast. the extended forecast calls for partly cloudy skies monday through wednesday. thanks for sending this photo in and keep them coming at my picks at >> thanks. maybe you watched the survivor premier tonight and if you did, you learned one of the contestants is from the bay area. marty piambo lives in the valley with his wife and three kids. this season pits older contestants against younger ones. so the 48-year-old is in the older group. i don't know why. >> that's not old! >> no. 50 is not old. >> no! >> anyway that tech executive compares himself to boston rob and russell in past competitions, you know, the bad boys, but his wife says he is
1:58 am
there to win. >> he's really strong physically. he's older than a lot of the contestants, but he's in shape and he is a wrestler. he's always been very competitive. >> older? no. marty loves to rock climb. in fact, he once rescued an injured climber off mount whitten from 13,000 feet in the dead of winter he says. >> kids, don't try that at home. >> yeah, until you're older. how about that? do we really use just 10% of our brain? of our brain? >> hi, folks. hi. we're ready to switch our car insurance to progressive. today just seemed like a great day to save. oh, it's not just today. with our free loyalty program, you earn great stuff like accident forgiveness and bigger discounts just by staying with us. oh! ooh! so, what you're saying is, it gets even better with age. oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance.
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childish? you're the one wearing a bib. ♪ where is the device? no... wait. the release is on my watch. [ male announcer ] it's movie time. with a wii twist. try not to get butter on it. [ male announcer ] netflix now delivers unlimited tv episodes and movies instantly through wii. plus dvds by mail. all for only 9 bucks a month. back off. or fiction? yeah, we've all heard it. you only use a small portion of your potential brain power, but is that fact or fiction? tonight's good question comes from ed in san ramon and he asks is it really true that we only use about 10% of our brain? == >> we're using our visual systems constantly. >> reporter: the human brain, 3 to 4-pound of tissue and blood
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vessels and neurons and cells that control our ability to see, touch, smell, communicate, reason and remember and we use all of it. is it true we only use 10% of our brain? >> that is a myth that is untrue. >> reporter: dr. barb pudre who teaches neuroscience says you can blame you know who for some of that bad info. >> there's several people that have been blamed for the myth. einstein is one of them. he was trying to explain his expansive brain capacity compared to us. >> reporter: she says people in good health are using all the different lobes of brain. it's called plasticity, the almost miraculous ability to continually store new information. >> the brain is able to make more connections. so those brain cells as we learn to remember things are making more and more connections with neighboring neurons that didn't exist before, you know, you learned something new. >> reporter: as we age she says it's even more important to force ourselves to learn new
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things. it's good for your head. >> the key here is that even if you tried something new like maybe you've never played a musical instrument, you don't have to be good at it. you just have to attempt it and try it and your brain is making these new novel connections from this new thing that you've introduced to it. >> reporter: i need your good questions. send them to me at they actually scored a run tonight..w we're i don't really understand what the big deal is. the giants just use 10% of our offense. i'm dennis o'donnell. they actually scored a run toni ♪ the wrightnows what'll it be for dinner, kids? pot roast! pot roast! [ ding! ] ta da. dad, can we get a puppy? sure. let's call him goober. hey, let's watch an instant movie from netflix! a comedy! a romance! how 'bout a dope break-dancing flick, my homey? oh snap! there it is! [ male announcer ] netflix now delivers unlimited movies 2 ways -- instantly to your tv, plus dvds by mail. i gotta pump this jam! [ male announcer ] watch as many tv episodes and movies as you want for only 9 bucks a month.
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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giants finally break that streak tonight against los angeles. jo r ran an offense 29 2/3 innings without scoring an earned run? could the giant break the streak against los angeles tonight? joe montana never ran an offense like that, that's for sure. like barry zito last night matt cain allowing just three hits. they came close to one for mike fontenot but this bud's for you? no. jay gibbons makes the catch while falling down against the wall. no score in the 7th. fontenot bloops a two-out base hit off chad billingsley. the giants score a run, critical play in the 8th. pablo grounds it to second, aubrey huff beats it makesser it a 2-0 game. why -- makes it a 2-0 game. why was that run so huge? because brian wilson comes in to try and close it out. andre ethier smashes a solo shot, the lead cut in half.
2:06 am
next batter jay gibbons at the plate to tie it. no. swings gets nothing. giants will a nail biter 2-1. troy tulowitzki is single handedly keeping colorado in the race. in the last 13 games the sunnyvale kid has 19 hits, 11 home runs. he scored 17 runs and driven in 25. he drove in seven today alone. colorado defeated san diego 9- 6. this was his second homer of the day. so here's how it all shakes down. giants are 1/2 game back in both the division and wildcard, rockies just two back of the giants. baseballs piled high in kansas city where trevor cahill trying to win his 17th game. up 3-0 in the 3rd but grand slam. cahill gave up six runs in five innings. a's lose again in kansas city 6- 3. i have in my hand the hawaii top 5 -0. >> there you go. omething else to slow it down! brewers beat houston. number [ hawaii 5-0 music ]
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>> no. 5, if you don't bring your glove, use something else to slow it down. the brewers beat houston tonight. at no. 4, you hit the catch, you're going to pay even in the minor leagues derek gibson shoving the catcher but it's the pitcher who starts the fight. benches clear, four players ejected. no. 3, back to the a's game, coco crisp. look at coco. jared dysart robbed of the bases. no. 2, an amazing catch, res win 7- 5. no. 1 -- reds win 7-fever. no. 1, he had no chance in -- 7-5. no. 1, had he no chance in this wave. -- he had no chance in this wave. this is a fantastic wave. that is the perfect 5 -0.
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that was a hawaii 5-0 top five tonight. i got a call tonight from les moon and he said can you turn the top five into the hawaii 5- 0 tonight. >> you just wanted to get a lei. >> thank you very much. >> you know what i'm talked about. coming right back. >> coming up a new place in the hmm, do i wear hats? i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things (birds chirping) like strolling in an orchard ♪ is this my husband? awesome cool hat, mom oh my perfect kids alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats
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